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Roof of Cards

The title of our interactive installation is a play on the phrase “House of Cards”. Not only does it mean a weak and fragile structure, the popular Netflix series of the same name also suggests a political and organizational connotation. This fit perfectly into our narrative, as it alludes to the collapse of one of our campus buildings due to the lack of sensibility in policy making, particularly on the subject of eco-protection by the local authority. The term “Green Hypocrisy” was coined to describe this phenomenon, as these policies only take environmental conservation at face value, with little foresight beyond the appearance of a greener environment. “Green Roof” made to be part of the green initiative exemplified this irony as have not only its limited effects been widely publicized, but it always fell upon its own weight of “Green Hypocrisy”. With “Roof of Cards”, we wanted to ridicule and satire the defying of common sense and the bureaucratic delusion in the process of self-righteous policy-making.

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