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Alston is an exchange student from Hong Kong and he had found them quite different even though they both are a global city with high diversity. However, there are differences when it came to the history. Singapore is a city country that is only 54 years old with 74% Chinese, 15% Malays and 7% Indian. Mix culture has definitely caused some culture loss. What we are going to study are those they have while they have forgotten the origin.

We have decided to achieve our results in a more roundabout manner, by abstracting the design more than a straight interview and collation of actual statistics. Instead of explicit questions about the culture and heritage asked, we made use of several stereotypes and cultural associations, but phrased in a manner that participants had freedom to decide how they see themselves, rather than just answering in a manner with no room of “self”. The important part is the contrast between how they identify themselves and how they should be associated in culture.


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