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Alston Xu Lan-Tian


About me

Alston grew up in Shanghai (China) and pursued his undergraduate study at the City University of Hong Kong where he continued as a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Dr. Alvaro Cassinelli at the Augmented Materiality Lab, School of Creative Media. Being exposed to diverse people and cultures, he was fascinated by how people interact with each other regardless of their “properties”. 

In particular, he has been researching how people understand objects under a bidirectional remote interaction environment, for example, how 3D objects could be better understood with both plain displays and mixed reality techniques. 


Ph.D. Creative Media, expected 2025, City University of Hong Kong

B.Sc. Creative Media, 2020, City University of Hong Kong 

Prizes and awards

Outstanding Academic Performance Award, 2021/2022

Geneva Inventions Bronze Medal 2022

HSBC Prosperity Hall Prosperian Scholarships 2017/2018

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund (Non-academic Awards) - Reaching Out Award 2017/2018


Teaching Assistant for SM4602, SM4712B Graduation Thesis (GT) / Project, 2022/2023

Residence Tutor at Jockey Club Harmony Hall 2022/2023

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