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Games have become a more and more common way for entertainment due to the rapid development of internet and mobile devices. The first thing to do when playing a new game is to provide basic information like alias, including choosing a profile photo. For many years, most games would offer some built-in profile photos for users to choose from. While mobile games getting popular, to save time of creating a new account, binding with social media account is now a trend. Users, however, may not want to have their profile photos for social media as the ones for games in terms that most people would upload their real photo for social media profile photo.

A desirable solution is to auto-generate a profile photo based on users’ preference. The process should not take a lot of time and be as much implicit as possible to smooth the experience. A creative and enjoyable implementation would be preferred. Most users would watch game trailers before they decide to actually play them, which could be a good opportunity to obtain some feedback from users. Hence, I propose a platform to auto-generate a mosaic-style profile photo while watching a game trailer where the profile photo style is based on users’ personalities. Users are hardly likely to filling in an old- fashioned personality questionnaire as it mostly takes serval minutes and consists of over 50 questions. My proposal is, however, to adopt a creative and implicit approach.

On the other hand, using Bitalino, a biomedical platform, would be much more accurate with a sampling rate of 1000 Hz. There could be a possible delay due to the processing speed of Bitalino board, but the relative error should be much lower compared to Kinect. Among ECG/EEG/EMG, EMG is applied to this project for its relative-high accuracy and ease-to-use. EEG by definition contains much richer information than the ECG and EMG in the perspective of psychology, which is not desirable in this project due to the difficulty of information extraction. Using Bitalino is more explicit than using Kinect as electrodes must be applied on skin. To balance accuracy and complicity, the minimum requirement of EMG (3 electrodes) is applied.


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